At WTPD, we strongly believe that appropriate nutrition contributes to enhanced oral and general health.

The current nutrition guide by USDA called My Plate represents a plate and glass divided into 5 food groups:

  • Half the plate to include vegetables (40%) and fruits (10%)
  • 30% grains and 20% protein
  • A small amount of dairy such as milk or yogurt

General recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry:

  • A diet high in certain sugars and starches may place your children at a greater risk for tooth decay
  • Limit starchy foods such as pasta, bread, potato chips and crackers and sticky foods such as dried fruits, toffee to meal times
  • Avoid frequent snacking between meals, choose nutritious snacks and reserve sugar containing snacks for special occasions
  • Consider looking beyond the sugar bowl and the candy dish to limit the amount of sugar intake – processed foods such as peanut butter, ketch up, salad dressings can all have added sugars
  • For toddlers, fruit juice of no more than 4-6 oz should only be offered in a cup during meal times

For more information on planning your child’s meals refer to