Affordable Dental Care for Your Child

At West Texas Pediatric Dentistry, we believe every child deserves worry-free dental care. That’s why we offer the In-House Orange Care Plan, designed specifically for families without dental insurance.


Two Membership Tiers:

  • Ages 3 & Under: $300/Year (perfect for little smiles!)
  • Ages 4-18: $450/Year (complete care for growing smiles)


Each tier Includes:



Exams 2 per Year
Cleanings 2 per Year
Fluoride Treatments 2 per Year
Emergency Exams 2 per Year
Bitewing X-rays As Needed
Fillings, Pulp Therapy, Crowns & Extractions 15% Discount
Lactation Services 15% Discount
Myofunctional Therapy 15% Discount
Frenectomy Procedures 15% Discount
Oral Surgery at Midessa Oral & Facial Surgery 10% Discount


Terms and conditions

  • Plan Location: Benefits are available at West Texas Pediatric Dentistry only (3306 Andrews Hwy, Midland TX 79703).
  • Not Insurance: This is not dental insurance and cannot be combined with other plans.
  • Eligibility: For children under 18 living at home or full-time students with parental supervision.
  • Financial Responsibility: Parents/guardians are responsible for membership fees and service payments. Fees are due at the time of service unless prior arrangements are made.
  • Membership Period: Benefits begin upon full payment and last for one year.
  • Termination: Membership may be terminated for non-payment, abuse, or fraud.
  • Plan Administration: The plan is administered by West Texas Pediatric Dentistry and subject to change without notice.
  • Collections: Delinquent accounts may be sent to collections, with associated fees becoming the parent/guardian’s responsibility.

What’s Not Included:

  • Specialists and Advanced Procedures: This includes orthodontics (braces), anesthesia, treatment of jaw fractures, periodontal services (gum treatment), and any procedures involving dislocations, pathological lesions, or tumors.
  • Cosmetic Treatments: Elective cosmetic procedures are not covered.
  • Replacement Procedures: Replacing existing crowns, fillings, or lost pediatric partials, appliances, or space maintainers is not included.
  • Pre-existing Conditions & Injuries: Treatment for conditions or injuries your child had before enrolling in the plan is not covered. This includes TMJ disorders and procedures related to congenital or developmental anomalies.
  • Additional Items: Retail items like toothbrushes, whitening products, and panoramic x-rays are not discounted under the plan.